Stork - Alive

Talk of what’s past like its written down
a spine you can only break twice
you’d better be dancing when you walk away
I might just be doing the same

Takmit - Saintseneca

you were a kid somewhere with long hair
drinking in parking lot
you’ve got your car
you’ve got your reasons
you got your favorite restaurant
The flesh is shed eat bread instead
and you’ll never thirst again
While I grow old, you grow wild

a hundred years
standing atop each other’s shoulders
the young lover beneath securities backed i-bankers
swallowing lanterns, searching upward

for the two toned breath at the end of her sentences,
a tower to babal:
the cenotaph of your body in mid-dress,

humanities opened to the nightbrink
for the world once promised —
& the few parts remaining

brooklyn bridge
may 2014

Conor Oberst - Artifact #1

I keep looking back, for artifacts
to prove that you were here
and all that’s been, keeps echoing
it never disappears

half of our thoughts were wrapped in the asphalt
the yellow lines of our first times
dimming as we drive in and out
of a past we try to arrogate
her laugh in the passenger’s seat,
the missing splash of a downtown, once aglow now empty
faces behind the glass in the windows
entwined hometowns sprawled out
between selves we’re unwrapping
& the memory